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The Johann Strauss Orchestra
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers
Gerry Levene And The Avengers
The Yardbirds
Spooky Tooth
Denny Laine & The Diplomats
Mott The Hoople
Electric Light Orchestra
The Vikings
Casey Jones & The Engineers
Vanilla Fudge
Canned Heat
The Kentucky Colonels
Pretty Things
The Move
The Cheynes
The Birds
Sha Na Na
Musicians (20) Add a musician Add a musician
Manoe Konings
Phil Ackrill
Irene Bustamante
Stephanie Detry
Vic Unitt
Roy Wood
Geoff Krivit
Manuela Berloth
Roger Mingay
Jesse Siebenberg
Bev Bevan
Lou Cortelezzi
Paul Mirkovich
Werner Fritzschings
Bobby Sloane
Neil Young
Ali McKenzie
Gary Link
Steve Woolam
Rob Espinosa
Rock Family Trees (cheetah)
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